Oh What A Difference A Rug Makes

When I redid the dining room, it sort of made off with my living room rug. What a jerk. It was all like, “Living Room, I think this rug looks better on me, let’s face it, it was a little too small for you.” Living Room was like,”Whatevs, at least I get used…” Ouch. But still, I felt bad for my living room, and my cold tootsies, and it was not the softest surface for Charlotte to take her frequent spills on. So with the cold months upon us, a shopping we went. I basically did two big loops around town heading to Nebraska Furniture Mart first, simply because they have hands down the biggest selection to choose from, and that really helps me narrow down my style. I was torn between a classic Persian or Turkish rug with beautiful tones that would be a jumping point for the room and a neutral sisal/jute option that would be durable and would go with anything. I also decided I needed at least a 9′ x 12′. The room is over 13′ wide and 18′ long. Here’s the space sans rug. 

So with all that neutral furniture, I decided I wanted a Persian rug. Dang, they were beautiful, but as they run anywhere between $5k-$10k+ at NFM I decided to check Mrs. B’s where NFM’s discount and discontinued items go. Let me just say, LOVE MRS. B’S. I was not thrilled with their selection of faux Persian rugs. Mostly, because they were all predominantly black instead of the subtle rich but muted tones of the real deals. And Black was not the direction of infusing color into the room that I was going for. So I checked out the Oriental Rug Palace, or as it will be referred to from now on, Rug Heaven. But seriously, if I thought NFM was $$$, this place was like $$$$$ I’m sure the prices were negotiable, but probably not down to only 3 digits, dang. I’m still having dreams about them though. So I went to where we got the rug that now lives in the dining room- Home Depot. I know, it’s a hardware store but they actually sell reasonably priced rugs or I thought I could get a large piece of carpet for pretty cheap. I looked at their piles of Orientals, nada. All wrong again. They made the black holes at Mrs B’s look like something worth considering. So we went to Home Depot’s competitor, Lowes. Nope. So we ventured to Pottery Barn hoping their prices were more mid range, which they were, some what, but they still weren’t tickling my fancy. So I decided to reconsider what we really should get for the space. And decided to just go for something natural like sisal, which is what Dana actually suggested for the dining room when she helped me. She has 2 boys and I figure if her rugs can stand up to that then one in my home could surely handle 1 little girl. So I made the loop again looking at all the natural fiber rugs. The only 2 places that had that were NFM and Pottery Barn. We ended up getting a sisal/wool blend in a mixture between tan and grey at NFM. We picked NFM partly because of the price (which is always negotiable there) and partly because of the incredibly patient saleswoman that watched us come back time after time and let Charlotte climb all over the piles of rugs and never seemed annoyed or frustrated with us. Also, the rug we got came in a 9′ x 13′. Then the bad news, there’s a wait, 3-4 weeks. Argh! Oh well, I was hoping to have it by Thanksgiving but I was not about to reconsider after all that hunting. Then the good news, a phone call after only 2 weeks of waiting wondering when we were going to come pick up our rug! Woo to the hoo! And here she is in her new home.

The wool blended in really softens the feel, which is what made me apprehensive about sisal or jute in the first place. And the blend adds some grey tones to it as well, and I am a cool color kind a girl. Greys, whites, and navys are the general direction I’d like to take the main floor in.

So what do you all think? To us the space feels bigger and warmer and I still can’t wait to find ways to add color to the room through paint, pillows, curtains, and more eminently- Christmas decorations. I’m a firm believer in waiting until after Thanksgiving though. We love the rug and love that it can evolve with us and even travel around the house to different rooms. It may have been the safe choice but it is something we can use for a long time. It’s high quality, not a knock off like the cheap-0 fake Persians, it’s kid friendly because it’s easy to clean, durable and soft, and it will work with the furniture we have now and the path that our decor will eventually take.

Oh, and I’m super surprised Chris Brown is performing at the AMA’s right now. Am I like so 2 years ago or something? Any one else insist on waiting until after Thanksgiving to put up the tree and hang the stockings? Oh, and those flowers by the white chair, Lee had them delivered to me at my office Friday, just because, am I lucky or what? Love that man.