Pick a plumber

So on President’s Day we bought tile for the white bath. That meant we were really doin’ this thing so we had to get a plumber. Any School House Rock’s kid knows 3 is the magic number, so that’s the number of bids we intended to get.

First, we called a big plumbing company that we had already used, and that Lee’s parents had used for a similar project. Then we called the plumber we were hoping to use, a friend of a friend with his own small company. And then another recommended by a co-worker.

Big Company:

1. Almost 3.5 times the price of the comparable project they did Lee’s parents, and our houses are built in the same year.

2. Friend of a Friend: Eventually came in under our target budget but forgot to show up to the first scheduled meeting.

3. We didn’t have time and knew we were going to  go w/ #2 by them anyways so we never called them. Whoops. Oh well. We knew they would have been similar to #2.


So that is our totally horrible, not advisable at all process to picking a plumber. Both guys (and we totally knew this was coming) told us every single pipe was not up to code and should be going through the floor joists, not on top of them. We also have some old lead pipes and will be going from 5 knobs to get water to 1. Now if only our tub would show up so the plumber could get to work. IMG_2681


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