Autumn Festivities

The first snow of 2011 is about to fall so on the eve of  winter I thought I better share what we’ve been up to this fall. Between weddings, the pumpkin patch, some Hawkeye football, trick or treating and just playing in the leaves this has been one Happy Happy Home.

We had an amazing time on our 2nd annual trip to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch.

It’s a great place and fun for does and bucks of all ages.

Mimi may have had the most fun out of all of us!

Lee and I had a fantastic time at the game. GO HAWKS!

And Charlotte more than survived her first weekend away from Mama and Dada. I think Mimi did alright as well.

Charlotte had a blast playing in the beautiful falls leaves that covered our neighborhood this year.

We had a blast dressing up and trick or treating this Halloween.

I hope you all had a wonderful fall. Is any one else definitely NOT ready for winter? You can check my box next to NOT excited to shovel. Are you all prepared to chef it up for Thanksgiving? Who is decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving and who waits until the weekend after?


One thought on “Autumn Festivities

  1. I absolutely love the new rug in your living room. The room is gorgeous. Thanks much for taking us through the steps you took in making a decision. Your work will save us a lot of time. We need a rug for our new entry way and have decided to look at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I also love the sisal look but not the hard feeling on your feet when you walk on them. Can’t wait to see the one you got with wool added to soften the feel and look.

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