A “Tweaked” Dining Room

Just in time for the second Pinterest Challenge, I am finished (almost) with my dining room. I think it has come a long way, even though there is still a lot left on my wish list for this room.

Let me start out by explaining that after I wrote this post about my ideas and inspiration for the room, I sent an email to Dana Miller over at House*Tweaking. Do you guys read her? She’s my jam. Seriously, stop reading this and go read her blog. It’s better. Ok, wait, finish reading this because it’s sort of about her, then go read her blog. I wrote to Dana because she’s pretty amazing with dining spaces. I figured she would never write back, she’s a little busy, and disgustingly gorgeous while pregnant, but she did write back and oh was she right and helpful and I tried to take every work of hers into consideration. In a nutshell, here are her suggestions:

1. Paint the navy above the chair rail. So I did

2. If I paint the ceiling, go with a grey. I decided against painting the ceiling and touched it up a bit instead.

3. Nix the heavy grey curtains in favor of something airier. For now I just took down the velvet and left up the plain sheers that were hidden behind the curtains. For the colder months I might rehang the velvet because that window does have some draft issues that we are working on but for the warmer months and for the sake of these pictures, the grey curtains went bye bye.

4. Go with a natural neutral rug like sisal or seagrass. I didn’t have the time or funds to get a new rug so for now we’re borrowing the rug from the living room, which was a neutral cream/grey with a subtle pattern. We got it a while back at Home Depot of all places for less than $200. For an 8’x10′ rug that’s a pretty incredible price. It’s soft and wipes up easily so it’s not a bad temporary choice for the dining room for now.

5. Paint that mirror white. Consider it done, Dana. Good call.

6. Remove surrounding furniture. Done, except the one table under the mirror. It’s pretty functional for now so we figured it could stay until we finally get the one we want.

7. Paint the chairs instead of getting new ones. Well, we didn’t do either, Dana is right, we don’t need all new chairs and we didn’t have time to paint them. I might try to make covers for them so we don’t permanently alter them.

8. She liked the idea of a craigslist piano painted white as long as it didn’t eat up too much space. We’re still working on finding the right one on Craigslist. I want a taller upright. It may not end up in the dining room but I want it in a high traffic area because I actually play (lessons for 8 years plus I majored in music performance in college) and I want to hear/monitor Charlotte (plus other kiddos) practice so I can smother them and micromanage… because I’m a weird mom and I want my kids to be nerdy instead of cool. Sorry kids, you’ll thank me when you’re super cool in college. nope. Anyways, a piano is an important piece of furniture to me, so I will try not to stick it in a walkway or anywhere too awkward, but I do want it accessible and visible… when I get it.

So without further ado, the new, painted dining room.

The blue is Benjamin Moore’s Navy Hale. I saw it on the lamp wall at our local Pottery Barn and got it color matched to Olympic’s No-VOC paint. My lovely friend Lauryn helped paint the blue.

Later I painted the chair rail and crown molding white, and painted below the chair rail the same white (I think, that is on the ceiling).

For both whites I used paint I found in the basement. I wish I could share the colors with you but I can’t make out the names on the labels. So a big thanks to Dana Miller and thanks to the Pinterest Challenge Team for giving me a deadline. Thanks Lauryn for your help painting into the night. That’s what good friends are made of. Here’s some more pics, starting with my inspiration, er, pinsperation.

I love the drama of the blue and white and our floors are almost identical. I added punchy white accessories and tried my hand at center pieces… um, I failed. Working on that.  So what do you think? Still in progress but the paint was a big leap for me and I really enjoy having the correct size rug in the room. Did you guys do the pinterest challenge? I am addicted. My friend Elisha and I completed another small one, hopefully I get to that post tomorrow.


19 thoughts on “A “Tweaked” Dining Room

    • Thanks Katie, my parents and in-laws both doubted what the outcome would be when I showed them the paint card but they all seem to like it now! Phew! Luckily sites like Pinterest allow us to see what something might really look like before we do something risky to our own walls.

  1. Clicked over from YHL. I’ve been obsessed with dark blue rooms lately & yours is gorgeous. Love the bright white & wood tones; great work!

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  3. clicked over from House Tweaking. excellent job. i’d like to see the console table either bigger or the mirror smaller. the scale just seems a little off to me. but what an impressive job. and i agree with Dana & hope you keep the dining chairs. i think they have great lines!

    • Thanks! We got the dining table locally at Nebraska Furniture Mart but the brand is Jofrn and the table, bench and chairs + tax were $845.29. Hope that helps! We bought it over a year ago so I am not positive they are still making this exact model but you should check them out. The chairs are INCREDIBLY heavy.

  4. I love the high contrast drama you’ve added! Funny thing, we had the same color in our dining room until last summer. 🙂 Love your changes!

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