Pinterest Challenge and My First Furniture Makeover

Hi guys, it’s been a while! I’m finally getting around to posting my Pinterest Challenge that I did complete by the deadline assigned by Sherry and Katie in their challenge a couple of months ago. I decided to do give the shiny white paint affect to a traditional oak pedastal table we picked up a couple of years ago for $30.

The table has sat neglected in our breakfast room since we bought it with a white Target table cloth on it. We don’t ever sit here to eat but we do bring it out the door for extra eating space when we have big BBQs in the summer.

Lee’s fabulous co-worker Chris helped me out. This kid has management written all over him. I haven’t been told I’m doing something wrong that many times since I lived with my mom. Just kidding Chris…. and Mom. Uh-oh, I may have just lost my only 2 readers.

First, we took the table apart in as many pieces as possible. We sanded the heck out of each piece to get rid of the stain and smooth it out. We started with a heavier rough grit and finished with a high 220.

We primed, twice. The sun was drying things quickly so we didn’t have to wait long. We used foam rollers and brushes. We sanded in between the priming.

Then we painted.

Sprayed the legs. Sanded. Got paint on our face. And continued painting. Glamour Shot:

At some point we moved into the sun room because the paint was bubbling in the heat. We didn’t have that problem with the thicker primer, but this paint had a poly in it so maybe that was the issue.

Then we polyed.

A week later I rubbed it with steel wool and polyed again.

For me, that was good enough. I know Chris would have loved to poly that thing about 8 more times, but slightly imperfect was ok with me.

The result? I love it. It’s white and shiny, just what I wanted. Still no chairs in there but I have plans for that. Craig and his wonderful list just needs to come through for me…

I should probably tell you guys that right after I got this table I had a little snafu. I was outside sanding it down and it started to rain. Uh oh, turns out, the top isn’t solid wood, the rest of it is, but the top had a layer of pressed fake stuff. Probably as an eating surface that was easier to wipe down. Well, as I had already taken off the protective lacquer, the top bubbled and was never totally flat again. So if you’re catching some texture in the photos, that’s not your monitor, that’s a bit of imperfection on the table. Like I said, good enough. Let’s call it distressed. I’m still pumped about my table.

I spent about $50 on paint and supplies, $30 on the table. This project ran me $80 bucks.

What do you think? Did you do The Challenge? Do you ever hit a point in the project when it’s just good enough?


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