A Year End Review

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Family and Friends! We wanted to share the timeline of our last year with you. This past year has been the most amazing of all of our lives. Let’s go back one year ago on Christmas Eve…

December 24, 2009- Charlotte Meredith Weidle was born at 9:31 AM.

December 25, 2009- We spend Christmas Day celebrating our first full day as a family in a quiet room at Methodist Hospital.

January 2010- We had lots of visitors! Charlotte met all of her Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents. Lee went back to work at the Brandies.

February- Julia and Lee got engaged!

March- Lee started his new job at FirstComp and Julia had her first day at First National Bank of Omaha. Kasie and Adam visited.

April- We celebrated Lee’s first birthday as a Daddy! Grammie Anne happened upon our dream home during an open house. We put in an offer that was accepted.

May- Charlotte was baptized and Aunt Sami and Uncle Ken were named her Godparents. Julia celebrated her first birthday as a Mommy and Charlotte started rolling over!

June- We closed on our new home and moved in!

July- Road trip to Colorado Springs to throw Aunt Molly a baby shower!

August- We became a cousin, an aunt, and an uncle when Emma Melanie Artes was born on the 25th! She is exactly 8 months and 1 day younger than Charlotte!

September- Another trip to Colorado to meet baby Emma and visit Uncle Ken and Aunt Erin!

October- We continued the travels and visited Aunt Sami and Jon in Minnesota and took our maiden voyage to Ikea! Julia got promoted to the downtown branch and the bank. We visited Grandpa Kurt and Grandma Jeannie in Waterloo. Charlotte dressed up like a puppy for Halloween!

November- Visited Valla’s Pumpkin Patch. Saw Grandma Diane, Uncle Tom, Aunt Molly, and Emma in Des Moines. Hosted Thanksgiving at our house. Visited Grandma Diane in Oskaloosa. Charlotte took her first steps!

December- This December we’ll be celebrating Charlotte’s first birthday and hosting Christmas at our home. That has been the most amazing year for us and so many big things have happened. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Please share what was most memorable for you this year!


One thought on “A Year End Review

  1. December: What a wonderful year- I hope next year brings great joys- a few trips-new words from Charlotte-and lots of legos building with Mom and Dad.

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