Hello world!

Welcome to our blog! This is the place where Lee and I would like to start sharing our news, planning, and all other goings-on at the Weidle house. We’ll share news about Charlotte, our sweet baby girl, our upcoming wedding, and any thing else that sparks our interest like home design or photography. Oh yeah, and there will probably be the occasional baseball reference thrown in every now and then too… along with Star Wars, and really any other form of geekery that we so love. We hope you find it entertaining or somewhat interesting. Feel free to post questions or comments and we’ll try to answer them if we can. Love to you all, and enjoy!


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Julia,
    Really fantastic room. You did a wonderful job. The photos also are really great and capture the room perfectly. The one of the corner of the room with the photo of Charlotte on the left and the sheer on the right is a remarkably well done photo. The blue is so haunting and oddly illuminating. Makes the room somehow formal and comfortable at the same time. It is somehow also a warm blue. Really great job! Dad and Jeannie

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